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There are various type of windows available in Singapore. Different type of window has different compatibility with different locks. Below are the three most common windows in Singapore. Check out the windows lock that are compatible with them.

Remsafe Product Range

Remsafe - Cable Lock

Cable Lock

The Remsafe Cable Lock window restrictor is the world’s smallest cable restrictor. It can be installed on all window types and materials.

Its compact design increases window safety and security by allowing the window to be opened and closed to the restricted distance without the use of a key each and every time.

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Remsafe - Cable Lock

Track Lock

Introducing the Remsafe Track Lock window safety lock to our ever growing range. This latest window safety device is suitable for sliding aluminium and double hung windows.

It provides a versatile alternative where minimal window sill or narrow window track limits installation options.

The Track Lock window restrictor is easy to install, keyed alike across the range and is mounted within the top of the window track to offer a discreet solution to window safety.

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Remsafe - Cable Lock

Retractable Metrolite

Remsafe has launched the world’s first retractable cable lock!

With the versatility of traditional cable locks, the Remsafe Metrolite provides superior strength and safety without the cable hanging loosely from the window and interfering with shutters, blinds or curtains.

When engaged in the locked position, the cable retracts within the lock body as the window moves between the closed and restricted open position. A key is required to unlock the device, allowing the cable to automatically retract so that the window can be opened to its full extent. This unique feature of Remsafe products provides flexibility and peace of mind.

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Your child’s safety is our top priority

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Safe - Remsafe Asia


All Remsafe Window Locks are tested for quality and strength in Australia by an independent NATA approved testing authority.

The right window safety locks for your windows may prevent falls from heights, without limiting ventilation.

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Compliant - Remsafe Asia


All Remsafe window locks comply with the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW).

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Strong - Remsafe Asia


Independently tested to withstand a horizontal pushing force far greater than requirements under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW).

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Convenient - Remsafe Asia


Once Remsafe locks are in place, you can open and close your window to the restricted position without using a key every time.

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Easy To Install - Remsafe Asia

Easy to install

The simple installation and ease of use makes Remsafe the most convenient and affordable window restrictors in the world.

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Flexible - Remsafe Asia


Remsafe gives you the flexibility to open your window to its full extent, or lock the restrictor permanently in one position.

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority - Stylish - Remsafe Asia


Our range includes some of the smallest and strongest window safety restrictors available – specifically designed to help maintain window function, design and integrity.

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